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New Netflix Series ‘The OA’ Looks Like It’s The New ‘Stranger Things’

It’s already had rave reviews.

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While most people are eagerly awaiting the new series of Stranger Things, there’s a new series about to take the internet by storm. ‘The OA’ looks super thrilling and creepy.

The new series has a plot fairly similar to that of ‘Stranger Things’. The series focuses on Prairie Johnson, a young blind girl, who went missing at age eight and mysteriously reappeared years later.

The new Netflix-original series has taken everybody by surprise, as usually Netflix don’t hesitate to advertise their new shows months in advance, but apparently decided to spring this one on us out of the blue. The show was commissioned last March, but will premiere this Friday.

Watch the official trailer here:


The trailer shows a confusing, erratic compilation of scenes. These including portrayals of the young, blind girl, and her returning in her mature youth, unable to recognise her own family. In addition to this, we see other characters we don’t fully know yet, flash-forwards to fights, struggles and most notably the girl being placed in an odd-looking machine that seemingly examines her brain. As the trailer goes on, there is dramatic music, surrealistic shots and bizarre metaphors that just add to our confusion. Throughout all of this chaos, the girl narrates and informs us that she ‘was present for all of it’ and ‘remembers everything.’ Wait, what?

Doesn’t make much sense really. Suppose our only option is to watch it! The show certainly looks action-filled and unique, although thematically very similar to the eerie show that we all loved- ‘Stranger Things.’ So now we all have another TV series to get hooked on and consume hours of our day.

Great, thanks Netflix.

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