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The New Black Mirror Trailers Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

This looks so good.

Credit: Netflix

If you’ve watched the last few seasons for Black Mirror, you’ll understand the excitement. It’s one of the most gripping, original, scary shows Netflix has on offer. The new trailers do not look as if the next season will disappoint.

If you’re a Black Mirror fan, these trailers will truly have you on the edge of your seat. One of the most striking things about Black Mirror is how mind-boggling and original the content is. The ending of every episode has you contemplating your life. I remember thinking myself, how can they possibly come up with even more original ideas? How will anything compare?

Well as expected, Netflix has pulled through.

In keeping with its nature, the trailers do not give too much away. They reveal just enough to get us excited and curious, but all in all, don’t reveal much. Watching those trailers, it’s not even easy to summarise what the episodes will really be about. The ambiguous titles ‘Arkangel’ and ‘Crocodile’ don’t help much either.

Their approach seems to be releasing trailers one by one for each new episode.  Some of the other trailers include ‘Metalhead’, ‘ USS Calister’ and ‘Hang the DJ’. There are now six in total. It’s uncertain how many episodes there will be in total, or when the release date is. There’s been a lot of speculation online, some believing they’ll suddenly drop all the episodes on Netflix in the next week, others thinking we have a month or even more to wait. We’re sure this is no accident. All we can say is, the sooner the better- because the anticipation is just too much!

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