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Netflix’s The Man From Toronto Has Fight Scenes That Are Worth The Watch

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson are not likely match but it works.

Credit: Netflix

A few months ago, it sounded like Netflix was on its way out from being the top streaming service. But based on all of their new content, you wouldn’t know membership was down and expected to continue. Mostly because of cutting Russia off due to the war they started with Ukraine, yes that’s a dip but was necessary. Netflix’s latest summer drop is The Man From Toronto. Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson are not a likely pairing but it does work somehow.

A hilarious case of mistaken identity, Hart’s character comes face to face with one of the world’s most deadly assassins, Woody Harrelson. Everything that could go wrong and happen does, including several brutal fight scenes. Most fans thought that these were the best part of the movie. Some say it didn’t look real and looked stolen from other movies but some loved every single brutal minute. Harrelson at times seemed like a Liam Neeson character, just funny and serious.

The Airplane Scene

Credit: Netflix Film/YouTube

For Those Who Haven’t Seen…

Credit: Netflix/YouTube
Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Even if critics and some people did not enjoy the movie, Hart and Harrelson enjoyed working together. Kevin Hart had this to say about Harrelson:

Woody’s lifestyle, his approach to life, his way of living. There’s a sense of ease and [happiness] that a lot of people are searching for. And that only some find. That’s the one thing that I took away from him… It’s rare that you come across a lot of those people, but he’s truly unique. I put him in a special place, as a friend… I’ve never met anybody like him.

Kevin Hart

Woody Harrelson had this to say about working with Kevin Hart:

I was really surprised by his wisdom and his like, business acumen. I never thought of things the way he sees it. He really gets the whole picture. He taught me a lot.

Woody Harrelson

It’s always nice to read when actors enjoy making something together and learning from each other. You can always learn from your peers!

Kevin Hart has been involved in many projects and he always brings his brand of humor into everything he does.

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