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A Mighty Duck TV Series Is In The Works

Maybe they’ve gotten a little better this time around.

Image Via: IMDB

Remember that ’90s movie about a lawyer punished for coaching a mangy group of young hockey players? Of course, you do because who didn’t watch The Mighty Ducks a hundred times when they were a kid?

Many will fondly remember the famous “…if it was half an inch the other way, then you would have missed entirely,” saying. Well, prepare to feel more nostalgia because the long adored movie is getting a TV series reboot.

Though The Mighty Ducks was never top-rated by movie critics nor did it win awards, it did win over the hearts of many a kid. Surprisingly, the movie was actually a huge hit at the box office the weekend it was released. Maybe that’s enough to receive a TV series contract these days? The movie itself had several sequels which bode well for this series.

Steven Brill, the original scriptwriter of the series, asked Tracy Underwood, head of ABC Signature Studios, about the idea. Underwood apparently loved the script, and Brill and Jordan Kerner, the film’s original producer, got to work on the project. As of now, ABC Studios is searching for talented actors and requesting airtime from networks.

Can you imagine audience reactions if Emilio Estevez came back to reprise his role as Gordon Bombay? Estevez hasn’t officially made himself available…but he also hasn’t said no to the idea. Let’s just hope Brill will release a script soon and maybe Estevez will come out of hiding.

Need a little hockey fix to get you amped before the show’s release? Check out this insane video.

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