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The Man, The Legend, The New Celebrity Apprentice: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is there anything he can’t do?

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Hailing from a distant world in the far reaches of Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger forged his legacy from rags to riches. He came to the Land of Opportunity with empty pockets, but that didn’t crush his dreams. He’s done everything from bodybuilding, acting, serving as California’s governor, writing books, and now he’s the new host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

You’re all about to be terminated. Schwarzenegger replaces President-Elect Donald Trump as the new head of The Celebrity Apprentice. Trump will be busy bullying people in the Oval Office while the Terminator takes control of the hit reality show. 2017 is shaping up to be a strange year already.

Some of Arnold’s Movie Achievements

When I call Arnold “The Man” or “The Legend” I’m not joking. This guy has earned his status in America. His acting career and notable works such as The Terminator, Predator, Conan the Barbarian, Last Action Hero, Batman & Robin, and Twins are all respectable and even cult classic movies. Hell, he even stars a long side Danny DeVito in Twins, which is a story about two unfathomable twin brothers. Some of these movies are cheesy but that is why they’re so damn good. His Mr. Freeze jokes in Batman & Robin are hilarious and the movie is a hit for any cool movie night.

M’boy. Arnold is the epitome of a Six Million Dollar Man. He is the mighty Conan the Barbarian, wielding a brutal blade that is complemented by his savage loincloth. He is also The Terminator and now he will be terminating people on The Celebrity Apprentice. And he is what every bro at the gym aspires to be but never will be–a badass.

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