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‘Love is Blind’ Season 3 Reunion: Who’s Still Together?

Where are the couples one year on from the altar, and who is still together?

Sara Mally/Netflix

The reunion episodes of Season 3 of Love Is Blind dropped on Netflix just last week and brought with them some juicy truths and interesting revelations.

The Reunion

The three-episode reunion gave viewers updates on which couples have remained together, who has gone their separate ways, and what the other single cast members have been up to.

After five couples from the pods made it to the altar, ultimately only two said “I do” and were married. Both couples, Alexa and Brennon, and Matt and Colleen remain together. Viewers saw them celebrating the one-year mark in their relationships at the cast reunion.

The Cast Reunite. Credit: Netflix

The Married Couples

Keeping the show going and the belief in love firmly alive, Alexa and Brennon showed no signs of instability as they joked about pregnancy. During the episodes, Alexa celebrated her birthday with an elaborate party that the entire cast attended. It was there that a lot of drama went down and truth bombs were dropped.

Whilst Alexa and Brennon are living together and perhaps even planning a family, the reunion showed viewers that Matt and Colleen are still yet to move in together. The other case members can’t quite seem to fathom the situation. With a very different relationship dynamic to the other married couple, Matt and Colleen have assured the others that their living situation is purely for financial reasons. Though their relationship has seen some rocky moments, notably with Matt’s tendency to flee at the first sight of cracks, the couple seems to be happy as they celebrate their one-year milestone.

Alexa and Brennon. Credit: Netflix

Where Are The Other Couples?

As for the non-married couples, it’s clear that there will be no chance of romance between Zanab and Cole, or Nancy and Bartise as any possibilities were squashed.

Clearly uneasy about Cole’s arrival at Alexa’s birthday party, Zanab and the other cast members has their defenses up. In an unexpected confrontation, Brennan pulled Cole aside and questioned him about his actions towards Zanab, as well as his motivations for becoming a better man. Following a one-on-one chat with Zanab, it is clear that there is zero chance of romance between the pair as Cole doesn’t seem to have changed much at all.

Cole was this season’s token bad guy. Credit: Netflix

As for Nancy and Bartise, it was revealed that the couple had been attempting to form a friendship after Bartise rejected his tearful fiancé at the altar. Having not told her family or friends about the situation, Nancy’s hope of a future relationship with him was undeniable, and it was clear that Bartise had no intention of such a rekindling. After her family questioned the benefits of such a friendship viewers saw Nancy end the friendship and pledge to move on.

Raven and SK: Infidelity?

In other news, the biggest piece of drama to hit this season’s reunion was Raven and SK’s rekindled relationship. After being rejected at the altar, Raven was not discouraged as the pair announced they were dating and managing the long-distance situation whilst SK studies across the state. During the episodes, the pair seemed firmly happy with the final installment showing SK proposing to Raven once again. Clearly ecstatic, Raven accepted, though the final few minutes of the episode showed us a deeply upset Raven who explained that SK had cheated, and their engagement had been called off as a result.

Raven and SK. Credit: Netflix

The Ethics of Reality TV

With such undeniable heartbreak and emotion shown on screen this season, one is only left to wonder about the ethical implications of watching the private lives of strangers on such a large scale. Especially in the case of Raven and Nancy, their decisions and trust are broadcast to millions whilst they are forced to suffer potential judgment and even humiliation. Former cast member Kenny also told Refinery29 that the singles only manage around four hours of sleep per night in the pod stage of the show in “correctional facility beds”.

Such conditions certainly can’t help the performative setup of the whole show. Whilst singletons must know part of what they’re signing up for, one is still inclined to question the amount of exposure they receive and the future of their relationships going forward from the show. Notoriously, shows like Love Island have been famously mediocre in giving support to the cast members following their exit from the show.

Ultimately, of course, the decision is down to the individual. Though, why are audiences so addicted to real-life heartbreak and drama? Does this kind of show just fuel this toxic culture of damaging reality TV? And are the outcomes genuine or are we all being incredibly fooled?

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