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‘Last Seen Alive’ Cast, Plot, and Everything Else We Know

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Image Credit: Netflix

Last Seen Alive starring Gerard Butler, was released this past summer on Friday, June 3. But recent additions to Netflix have garnered the film a new audience, and viewers are enjoying it more. As of October 12, the movie is ranked number four on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the U.S., and it’s got a nine-note rating out of ten.

The film, directed by Brian Goodman and written by producer Marc Frydman, stars Michael B. Jordan as Butler, with a supporting cast that includes Taylor Conrod, Bob Shapiro, Brian Pitt, David Shojai, and Alan Siegel.

Netflix added the movie on October 1, and its viewership numbers have already been strong. As for who stars in the production, otherwise, we’ve got you covered below!

Last Seen Alive cast: Who’s in the Gerard Butler action movie?

Bruce Altman as Barry Adams
Jordan Salloum as Peter
Ethan Embry as Pete “Knuckles” Daniels
Michael Irby as Oscar
Cindy Hogan as Anna Adams
Jaimie Alexander as Lisa Spann, Will’s wife
Russell Hornsby as Detective Paterson

When Will’s wife disappears unexpectedly, he turns to the police for help. But as soon as they question him, he falls under suspicion. As a result, he decides to take the law into his own hands and go on the run. This leads down a dark path, with a high likelihood of getting caught.

What did you think of the Netflix film? What kind of action thriller would you like to see available on it’s streaming service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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