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IMDb Restricts Voting on ‘The Little Mermaid’ Over Fear of ‘Review Bombing’

The move comes after a wave of ‘unusual activity’ of 1/10 votes.

the little mermaid

The practice of review bombing has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, leading platforms like IMDb to implement measures to address this issue. By using weighted vote averages, IMDb aims to mitigate the impact of artificial and maliciously motivated ratings.

In the case of “The Little Mermaid,” the film has been targeted by a significant number of negative reviews, with many users giving it the lowest score possible without actually having seen it.

These deliberate attempts to manipulate the movie’s rating can skew the perception of its actual quality and impact potential viewers’ opinions. IMDb’s weighted average system helps to counteract this by giving more weight to ratings from users with a history of credible and genuine reviews. This approach provides a fairer assessment of the film’s reception, reflecting the opinions of those who have actually seen it and have legitimate reasons to rate it accordingly.

Despite the challenges posed by review bombing, the article suggests that “The Little Mermaid” has managed to garner relatively positive reviews, especially when compared to other recent Disney live-action remakes. While the ratings may not reach the heights of the beloved animated original, they are still deemed respectable given the current landscape of Disney remakes.

It is worth noting that reviews and ratings are subjective, and individual opinions may vary. Audiences and critics alike will continue to express their views on movies, allowing for a diverse range of perspectives. The weighted average system employed by IMDb helps to ensure that these opinions are more accurately reflected, promoting a fairer assessment of a film’s reception.

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