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HBO Issues Andre the Giant Documentary

You won’t believe how big this dude is.

If you don’t know who Andre the Giant was, HBO has got you covered.

HBO is set to feature a documentary about the life and times of a dude called Andre the Giant. Andre, AKA, André René Roussimoff, started out as just a humble French farm boy. Oh, and he happened to be 7’4” and around 500 pounds.

Yeah, he was nicknamed ‘Andre the Giant’ for a reason. I wanna know what this guy was eating.

Of course, when you’re that big that means you pretty much have a wrestling career made – which is exactly what he decided to do. Not that all the 7 footers out there can’t follow their dreams of becoming accountants.

But don’t let appearances fool you. Turns out, he was a gentle giant too.

Andre dipped his toe into the arts of acting, namely ‘The Princess Bride’.

According to leading lady Robin Wright, he was actually kind of a sweetheart. Whenever she got cold, he would place a hand over her head (which covered her entire head) to keep her warm. I think we all need wholesome-Andre the Giant content from time to time, so thankfully HBO got to it.

As you may have guessed, yes, unfortunately this legend passed away in 1993. Here’s to hoping the documentary dives deep into who exactly Andre was.

This isn’t the only thing HBO are up to, take a look at their new show.

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