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Game Of Thrones Actress Rose Leslie Threatens To Leave Fellow Actor And Fiancé Kit Harington After Brutal April Fools Prank

Enough to sh*t anyone up!

Some actors find new uses for props long after they’ve been used and forgotten. In Kit Harington’s case, it was a fake head which he used for an April Fools joke that nearly cost him his relationship — I hope it was worth it!

“My family does April Fools. Her family… doesn’t do April Fools.”

This is what British actor Kit Harington, best known for his role as Jon Snow on the popular television series Game of Thrones, had to say about his fiancé Rose Leslie after he pulled the April Fools prank of the century.

This clip from the Jonathan Ross show says it all. It features Harington and Leslie talking about that infamous morning on April first when she opened the fridge to find her fiancé’s severed head waiting for her. Take a look.

I have to say he was right about her ability to save that Britta filter. I’ve seen people who don’t even treat infants with that kind of care.

Several members of the Game of Thrones cast have expressed their love of pranks before. Arya Stark once posed as a comic book store manager while GoT fans bought pop figures and tried in vain to explain the show to her.

Leslie, who portrays the character Ygritte on Game of Thrones, however, was not onboard with this April Fools joke. She said it would all be over if Harington ever pulled that kind of stunt again, and I don’t think anyone can blame her. Did you see that head? You try dealing with a head in your fridge and a camera in your face before you’ve even had your coffee.

It’s probably for the best that they get to know this stuff about each other before the wedding. It’s always difficult when parents of two different faiths have to decide how to raise the children, but this almost seems like a deal-breaker. They’ll be so confused! They’ll grow up with conflicting views on pranks and there aren’t enough therapists on the planet to undo that kind of damage…

Just in case you think that this is what it looks like when a prank goes wrong, here’s what happens when four idiots take a prank too far.

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