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Game of Thrones Fans Have Started A Petition: They Want Season 8 Rewritten

Game of Thrones fans are disappointed–to say the least.

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When the final season of Game of Thrones aired their first episode, I had mixed feelings. But I did not complain about the minor inconsistencies and botched character development–the final season of Game of Thrones deserves better than being written off as lazy and disappointing after the first episode.

The episodes continued to disappoint. The night before the Battle of Winterfell–um, what was that? Or how about the Battle itself; Sam Tarly ran around the battlefield without a sword–and he did not die. Not to say I want Sam to die, because he is awesome and I don’t, but you don’t get to live in a George R.R. Martin battle against the dead without a sword!

After some more poorly written episodes, and a sneaky Starbucks cup, the poor writing of this season became overwhelmingly obvious. And Game of Thrones fans are not happy. The fan-base took to the Internet, which, as always, pulled through: Game of Thrones fans have started a petition to have the 8th season rewritten with a new crop of competent writers. According to a Sick Chirpse article, which was published on May 16th, 260,000 signatures have been added to the petition. A quarter of a million signatures is not a whole lot, but is still a hilarious demonstration of the fan’s dissatisfaction. The Game of Thrones phenomena is powerful; their fans will not accept anything less than what they expect.

If you are not happy with the way this season is going, and even the direction of Danaeyrs’ story arc, check out this article: Emilia Clarke defends her character.

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