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‘Extraction 2’ Review: Big, Dumb, and Lacking in Fun Factor

The much-anticipated sequel ‘Extraction 2’ has arrived, but early reviews suggest that it falls short of its predecessor.

Extraction 2
Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake in "Extraction 2." Credit: Jasin Boland / Netflix

Extraction 2 continues the story of Tyler Rake, the mercenary protagonist from the first film, who miraculously survived a gunshot wound and fall off a bridge. After being rescued and slowly recovering in a Dubai hospital, Rake is placed in a remote Austrian cabin for his continued recovery and retirement. However, he is drawn back into action when a mysterious man presents him with a mission to rescue his ex-wife’s sister and her children from a Georgian prison.

The sequel takes Rake and his team to Georgia, where they face numerous challenges and engage in intense fights with prisoners and gangsters. Unlike the first film, which primarily took place in Dhaka, Extraction 2 expands its scope to include various European locations, allowing for more diverse action sequences.

While the film attempts to delve deeper into Rake’s redemption arc and emotional backstory, it struggles to find meaningful substance amidst the relentless action. Rake’s character remains underdeveloped, and the script fails to fully utilize Chris Hemsworth’s charismatic screen presence. The film’s attempts at thematic depth and emotional resonance fall short, leaving the audience more engaged with the fight scenes than the narrative.

Extraction 2 showcases well-choreographed action sequences, including an extended single-shot sequence lasting 21 minutes. However, the film’s reliance on the illusion of continuous shots diminishes their impact and distracts from individual moments. Director Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman, draws comparisons to the John Wick series in terms of action execution but falls short in terms of style and visual aesthetics.

Extraction 2
Credit: Jasin Boland / Netflix

The movie suffers from a lack of distinct visual flair, featuring a dull and uninspired color palette. The supporting characters, aside from the central villain, feel disposable and anonymous, contributing to the action becoming repetitive and indistinguishable after a while.

Overall, Extraction 2 improves upon its predecessor with a larger scale and more expansive action, but it fails to reach its full potential as it grapples with its aspirations to be more than just a mindless action film. While it offers entertainment value as a big, dumb action movie, it lacks the compelling elements to truly captivate viewers. As a Netflix original film, it falls into the category of a mediocre offering that can be enjoyed as a casual watch. Extraction 2 opened in select theaters on June 9th and will debut on Netflix on June 16th.

As Extraction 2 opens in select theaters and prepares to make its debut on Netflix, it is worth noting that the film strikes a balance between delivering what fans enjoyed in the first installment—high-octane action and adrenaline-pumping fight sequences—and attempting to expand the narrative and emotional depth of its protagonist.

Extraction 2
Credit: Jasin Boland / Netflix

Chris Hemsworth once again embodies the role of Tyler Rake, showcasing his physical prowess and intensity in the action scenes. While the script doesn’t fully utilize Hemsworth’s comedic timing and charm, he manages to inject some moments of levity and connection, particularly in his interactions with a young boy he encounters during the mission.

One notable improvement in Extraction 2 is the inclusion of more global locations, which adds a fresh dynamic to the film’s visual palette. From the bustling streets of Dhaka to the rugged landscapes of Austria and the gritty atmosphere of Georgian prisons, the cinematography captures the essence of each setting, elevating the overall cinematic experience.

The film also attempts to delve deeper into Rake’s personal journey and redemption arc. Through flashbacks and glimpses into his tragic past, the audience gains insight into the motivations behind Rake’s relentless pursuit of justice. While these moments add a layer of emotional resonance, they still fall short of fully immersing the viewers in Rake’s inner struggles and character development.

Extraction 2 doesn’t shy away from pushing the boundaries of action and intensity. The fight sequences are expertly choreographed, with Hargrave’s background as a stuntman evident in the precision and fluidity of the combat. From hand-to-hand combat to thrilling gun battles and high-octane car chases, the film delivers a relentless onslaught of adrenaline-fueled action that will satisfy fans of the genre.

However, the film occasionally falls into the trap of relying too heavily on spectacle, sacrificing the opportunity for deeper storytelling and character exploration. As the body count rises and the action intensifies, there is a sense that the emotional stakes become overshadowed by the desire for more thrilling set pieces.

Ultimately, Extraction 2 succeeds in delivering an entertaining action experience that builds upon the foundation of the first film. It offers a globetrotting adventure filled with explosive action sequences and showcases Hemsworth’s physical prowess. While it may not reach the heights of other action franchises in terms of narrative complexity, it still manages to provide an engaging and thrilling ride for fans of the genre.

With its simultaneous release in select theaters and on Netflix, Extraction 2 aims to captivate audiences with its high-energy action and continue the story of Tyler Rake in a way that satisfies both returning fans and newcomers to the series.

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