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‘Enola Holmes 2’: All We Know About the Release Netflix Release Date

Enola Holmes, Enola Holmes 2, Enola Holmes 2 update
Image Credit: Netflix

Now that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has finished season four of the hit Netflix show, fans are anxious to see is the sequel to Enola Holmes – another project of Millie’s.

The Netflix movie was released on Sept. 23rd, 2020 and was an absolute hit amongst the viewers! Fans are all waiting for the highly-anticipated sequel to the fun story about Sherlock Holmes’ teenage sister. Bobby Brown is repeating her role, as well as Henry Cavill, who portrayed the famous author. Louis Patridge, who played Tewkesbury, will also return in the second movie.

Netflix still hasn’t declared a release date yet. However, some predictions can be made regarding the time that we can expect the film.

The filming on Enola Holmes 2 was completed in January, so production has had a lot of time to work through post-production. And also, the streaming giant still hasn’t even declared an official premiere date yet. It was expected that some news would be released by now.

The mystery film isn’t, however, coming in August. Right now, it’s all speculation. However, it can be expected that Netflix will decide on a September 2022 release date, which would be one year after the first film debuted on our screens.

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