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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3: Does Emily Decide to Stay in Paris in the New Season? (Spoilers)

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Image Credit: Netflix

Emily in Paris season 3 is finally on Netflix, and this season will answer all of our burning questions about that shocking season 2 cliffhanger.

In Emily in Paris season 3, she’s still confused about her future and the two different paths that are laid out in front of her. To avoid this dilemma, she doesn’t choose and simply starts working for both Madeline and Sylvie.

This implies that Madeline’s under the impression that Emily’s still loyal to Savoir and wants to move back to Chicago for promotion and increment. Meanwhile, Sylvie also believes that Emily is a loyal team member of the new company with Julien and Luc.

Emily’s world comes tumbling down when her scheme is revealed by Sylvie and she’s let go. Even though Madeline’s mad at first, she keeps Emily on board and Emily chooses to work for Savoir.

However, when Madeline later chooses to close up operations in Paris as per the instruction from the Gilbert Group, she wants Emily to keep her job and move back to Chicago. At that moment, Emily realizes that she doesn’t want to leave Paris.

She refuses Madeline’s offer and quits her job with Savoir, and chooses to stay in Paris with or without a job.

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