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Avengers: Endgame Trailer Eludes To Darker, Grittier Marvel Release

The gang’s all here to do “whatever it takes”.

Entertainment Weekly

Reunion has never looked so bleak.

With a highly-anticipated addition to the Marvel universe dropping in theatres next month, the studio stoked fans’ excitement with a trailer brimming with apocalyptic drama.

Peppered with allusions to decay within the Avengers’ lives, the story seems to most closely centre around a world-weary Tony Stark. As the camera spans across a refuse-littered desert, it rests on a battered Stark, his Iron Man suit badly damaged.

As these shots pass over the screen, Stark’s voice composes a letter to Pepper, revealing his still has one last surprise left in him.

At this, the trailer passes over scenes of various Avengers, some dissolving into ash, whilst others carry on with their lives, seemingly unhappily. “The world has changed”, muses an unknown voice, “And we cannot go back.”

Scenes splash across the trailer, building a world which has experienced similar decay to the Avengers, who struggle against all that has apparently occurred since the screen went black for movie-goers at the close of Infinity War.

As the trailer continues to allude to all the destruction that has transpired, the voices of the remaining four Avengers all echo the same refrain, vowing to do “whatever it takes” to ensure restoration.

While the trailer is indeed promising, the level of resolve one might expect may prove too much, as Business Insider has declared that post-release, the studio has six more films awaiting the Marvel fanbase.

Though another comic blockbuster may seem tired, Marvel has consistency excelled in providing action-packed plots with plenty of nerd fodder.

Despite being a Marvel novice (read: completely clueless) and casual subscriber to the superhero genre, Avengers: Endgame leaves me wondering how soon I can purchase tickets.

Watch, comment, and share. We’d love to hear what you think about the upcoming film and the potential for the Marvel franchise.


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