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Arrogant ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Contestant’ Flops On First Question

Ouch. He’s never gonna live this one down.

Photo: ABC

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has been a great source of entertainment on British TV for many, many years now. It is a show of great variety, with a huge amount of tension surrounding contestants who make it near to the end. However, it can be equally as entertaining when they fail at the very beginning.

For those who have watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire before or any standard quiz show, you know the basic way in which the questions progress. The first one obviously, is the very easiest. Some of my personal favorite fails on the show include the following…

How to NOT be a millionare

Photo: ABC

That’s right folks, an owl is a mysterious creature that is able to activate an ink sack when under attack. Who knew?

Image result for who wants to be a millionaire slightly inebriated
Photo: ABC

I love it when you’re on a night out and feeling a bit watery…

Photo: ABC

I don’t even have an explanation for this one…how in the hell does a spatula resemble a hemisphere? This guy needs to re-take his maths GCSE.

While these are all undeniably hilarious, what makes it even funnier is when the contestant is extremely self-assured. When you can tell they really are just a bit dim and unsure, you can’t help but actually feel a bit sorry for them. This guy, on the other hand, is quite something else.

Prior to answering his first question, the young man boasts about having just graduated from medical school. He also references how Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a show for smart people, which celebrates smart people. Ok, buddy, we get it. You think you’re smart. What happens next doesn’t exactly correspond with his boasting though, as he slips up on the very first question.

To make matters worse, he initially acknowledged Ikea as serving meatballs but then decided to make his answer Italy. Unsurprisingly, he looked pretty distraught upon realizing that his answer was wrong and he hadn’t even made it to £500… maybe next time.

If you too, are thirsty for some knowledge, read HERE to find out flat earther’s argument as to why no one has fallen off the edge of the Earth yet!

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