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‘Apotheosis’ Episode 6 Release Date & Time (Where to Watch)

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Image Credit: Dailymotion

Apotheosis Episode 6 is going to be released this week. A manhua based on the book’s Chinese translation was published in 2015 under several titles, including Forged Success, Principles of Heavens: Zen’s Cultivation to Immortality, Elevation to the Status of a God, Endless Road to Divinity, Ascension to Godhood, and simply Apotheosis.

Although the title gives away the main idea, Apotheosis is more than what we see. Thus, to completely understand it, we must either go through the donghua adaptation when it becomes available or read the online book or the manhua adaptation.

Although it has a lot in common with most of the cultivation donghua, we used to have, such as Battle Through the Heavens and A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, the story is quite similar to Battle Through the Heavens.

This anime’s plot revolves around when Luo Zheng burns his family records in a fury one night after being treated unfairly by a family steward. His family was creating power-refining techniques that could defeat any opponent instantly.

Apotheosis Episode 6 Release Date

The release date for Apotheosis Episode 6 is Friday, 2nd December 2022, at 9:00 pm EST.

Where To Watch Apotheosis Episode 6?

Fans can go through the sixth episode of Apotheosis on Dailymotion when it is released. They can also watch the previous episodes of Apotheosis on the same platform, and Dailymotion is the official streaming platform for this anime and many more.

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