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6 Destinations Rumoured To Be The Filming Location Of ‘White Lotus’ Season 3

White Lotus
Image Source: Mike White @ Instagram

The show “The White Lotus” has proven itself as one of HBO Max’s premier series after two successful seasons. The anthology drama is renowned for shooting at luxurious hotels like Taormina and Maui. The show’s close-up view of the relationships and lives of affluent White Lotus visitors is made possible by the elegant settings set. There is a big rumor regarding the stage of Season 3 because the show revolves around the location.

Although there are fewer details on the cast, location, and release date of ‘The White Lotus’ season 3, Mike White, the series creator, may have made some hints about the possible areas of the upcoming season.

This will probably continue in the forthcoming season, as it is reported that all prior seasons were filmed at Four Seasons hotels. Asia has been cited as a possible option in rumors regarding the future location. With several Four Seasons properties distributed over the continent, there are some suitable places for the next season of the White Lotus, including the Maldives, Kyoto, Bali, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam.

It’s been widely assumed that The White Lotus season 3 would take place anywhere from Thailand to Kyoto. With the show promoting tourism in its prior landing sites, there is plenty of options. The program will ultimately air in Asia, which is the one thing that is specific.

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Season 2 was planned to premiere in Japan, so it’s understandable that the show’s creators would change their minds. No matter the setting, season 3 of one of the most thrilling murder mystery series in recent memory will raise the stakes.

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