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Star Wars Death Star Theory Reveals Suggests Kotor Connection

Star Wars
Image Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

According to a recent Star Wars theory, Season 2 of The Bad Batch series may relate significantly to the legendary Knights of the Old Republic video games. Following Disney’s takeover of Lucasfilm in 2012, the games lost their continuity; over time, parts of them have found their way back. This could refer to the earliest known empire of the galaxy, which ruled for a very long time before Darth Sidious took control of the universe following the collapse of the Republic.

The Rakata, an amphibious species powerful in the dark side that merged technology and the force to rule the galaxy, is regarded as the Infinite Empire. The Rakata are one of the first civilizations in the Star Wars galaxy. They are acknowledged for creating hyperspace technology and dominating the whole universe before being destroyed by disease and a long civil war. In Season 1, episode 4 of Andor, the Rakatans from Star Wars were unexpectedly re-canonized into the canonical community.

In the episode, Luthen Rael offers Cassian Andor a Kuati signet, a white and blue Kyber crystal, as a down payment for his support. The piece of Kyber was intended to “honor the rebellion against the Rakatan invaders,” according to Luther. 

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As a result, this was a significant name-drop for the prehistoric species, reintroducing a substantial aspect from the Knights of the Old Republic video games to the continuity. No matter what the future holds for the vibrant previous age of the Star Wars galaxy, the new connections to the Knights of the Old Republic created on Andor and maybe in The Bad Batch are pretty fascinating.

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