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Women in Music: Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Makes History

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ sells more than 1 million copies in pure sales!

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Big reputation! Taylor Swift is a big conversation! Released on October 21, 2022, ‘Midnights’ made history less than 24 hours after its release. One word that describes Swift as a music artist is persistence.

Ever since her self-titled debut album, ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006), touched the shelves in stores, she has persistently released ten studio albums, two re-recorded albums, and three live albums! Ten albums in, and somehow, Swift’s discography continues to grow and evolve, making her one of the most talented, successful musicians of all time.


#1 Trending Music Video

Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

On Oct.21, 2022, the official music video for Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ accumulated 15 million views in its first 24 hours, allowing it to trend No.1 on YouTube worldwide for five days. On Oct. 26, 2022, Swift’s official music video for ‘Bejeweled’ replaced ‘Anti-Hero’ on YouTube for the No.1 spot on trending music!

Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift
Credit: Twitter/@tswiftupdate_ph

Amazon Music

Biggest Global Streams

October is the tenth month of the year, making it a great month for Taylor Swift to release her 10th studio album! With 7.97 million streams, Swift’s ‘Midnights’ achieved the biggest first-day global streams for any album in Amazon music history! In addition to this milestone, it broke the record for the biggest first-week global stream debut and biggest first-day Alexa requests for any album in Amazon Music history!

Credit: Twitter/@amazonmusic

Apple Music

#1 Album

Credit: Twitter/@TSwiftFTC

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ achieved the biggest first-day streams for a Pop album in Apple Music history! On Oct.28, 2022, Swift made history again by holding the No.1 spot on US Apple Music for a week with ‘Midnights.’ Additionally, ‘Midnights’ is the first album in history to simultaneously occupy the entire top 10 on Global Apple Music for a week!



Most #1 Hits

In just one day, Taylor Swift extended her record with the most No.1 hits (56) on US iTunes! By occupying the entire top 4 of the US iTunes Albums Chart with different versions of ‘Midnights,’ Swift became the first artist in history to achieve this milestone! In addition, ‘Midnights’ remained the No.1 album for eight consecutive days on the US iTunes Albums Chart.

Credit: Twitter/@PopDataMusic


#1 Album

Credit: Spotify/Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of those ‘power house’ artists in the music industry who consistently dominate the Spotify charts. Upon its release, Swift’s ‘Midnights’ debuted at No.1 on the Global Spotify Chart with 776,481,256 streams! On Nov.2, 2022, it became the fastest album in history to achieve 1.1 billion streams on Spotify!

Credit: Twitter/@chartstswift


#1 Album

Credit: Twitter/@PopCrave

Taylor Swift turned the music industry upside down once again with ‘Midnights’ first-week pure sales! In less than a month, Swift garnered 1,140,000 pure sales! Despite having a major record deal, most music artists in the mainstream music industry can’t sell more than 10K copies when they release their albums! Swift is proof that talent always wins in the end!

Credit: Twitter/@TChartSwift

Moreover, ‘Midnights’ debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart with a total of 1.5 million units sold, surpassing ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ (1.3 million) by Britney Spears! In addition, Swift made history by becoming the first artist to occupy the top ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with multiple songs from ‘Midnights’!

Credit: Twitter/@taylorswift13

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