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WATCH: New Documentary Sheds Light On Tyler The Creator’s ‘Cherry Bomb’

Tyler, the Creator… of films?

Photographer: Mark Peckmezian

Rejoice! Tyler, the Creator has returned, albeit not with new music or music videos. Rather, the equal parts iconic and controversial artist delves into the creative process of his most recent studio album, ‘Cherry Bomb.’

Image Via: Paper Mag

‘Cherry Bomb’ was released in April of 2015 and received acclaim for its genre-fusions and its ambitious vision.

The film—aptly titled ‘Cherry Bomb – The Documentary’—clocks in at just over forty minutes, offering a brief yet energetic rundown of the story behind his thirteen-track album. Tyler, the Creator traces his inspirations and attitudes surrounding the music through studio recordings, concerts, and short clips of Tyler’s antics.

Like much of his music, the documentary is chaotic, jumping from scene to scene without rhyme or reason (no pun intended). Still, there is something quite engrossing and authentic about its turbulent style.

Although ‘Cherry Bomb – The Documentary’ may not pack as much of a punch as the music it’s based on, the film is fun supplemental material for old fans and newcomers alike.

While Tyler, the Creator is undoubtedly the film’s star, the documentary features a treasure trove of cameos and collaborations, from Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky to Charlie Wilson, Hans Zimmer, and an ostrich—well why don’t you just check it out yourself:

And in other Tyler, the Creator-related news, here’s the Odd Future founder making waffles.

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