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If You Want To Be Drake’s Business Partner, Invest In Virginia Black Whiskey Today

Drizzy’s brand of whiskey.

Credit: Virginia Black Whiskey

Hip hop artist, Aubrey Drake Graham, more commonly referred to as Drake, has just invested his money into Virginia Black Whiskey: Decadent American Whiskey. Here’s why you should think about throwing some greenbacks toward this hooch as well.

Drake often speaks of white wine in his songs, often champagne (hence the moniker, Champagne Papi), but it appears that Drizzy is looking to diversify his liquor portfolio. He has co-founded Virginia Black, a whiskey distiller out of Indiana, with Brent Hocking who also represents DeLeon Tequila.

The two are offering a unique grassroots, crowd funding sort of opportunity for fans to invest their own money into the brand. Their goal is to raise at least 30 million dollars in this business enterprise. Shares go for $5 a pop, but an investor must shell out at least $100 to partake in the venture.

So far, Virginia Black has kicked out 60,000 cases to the public in the last 15 months, and it goes for about $40 a bottle. Sorry Drake, but I think I’ll stick to buying a bottle and skip on the investment. I suppose you could say that my funds are ‘so far gone.’

I’m almost positive Drizzy Drake Rogers would be pissed about that. Then again, he’s too busy to play father (if you don’t get it, check out the song Ransom by Drake and Lil Wayne you darned youngins!). He also has way more money than me, so I don’t feel bad about avoiding the donation. Go ahead and check out the ad for Virginia Black Whiskey. Probably about as smooth as this fine bourbon is.

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