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VIDEO: Seth Everman Brings Us Another Musical Sh*tpost

Ready for a nostalgia trip?

Swedish musician Seth Everman has recently -and probably unintentionally- risen to internet fame with his viral videos. And though those videos are few and far in between, they’re always gold. This one’s no different. After almost a year, he finally brings us a sequel to the this masterpiece, “music genre: video game 2”.

The music by itself is great. It evokes retro game vibes with almost unsettling accuracy. Then, there’s the stoic classic Seth Everman stoic face and constant eye contact that we’ve come to know and love. On top of that, the sarcastic captions and spot-on editing make the video an entertaining ride from start to finish.

Part of what makes this video so great is that, at it’s core, it’s just a dude messing around on his keyboard. The fact that he filmed the video in his cluttered living room makes it seem very genuine and authentic. The perfect imperfections that pervade his videos have probably really contributed to his success.

Though, the magical eyebrows are definitely a plus.

You can watch the video here:

If you’re looking for some more [finish], then you should check out this South Korean beatboxer.

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