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Sega Mega Drive Soundtracks Are Now Featured on Spotify!

You can now listen to all your old favourites.

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Not sure how many people use Spotify, but for those who this is a great new feature. I am sure everyone will be looking to get back into Spotify once again to enjoy it with this now included. I know all the 90s babies will remember the Sega Mega Drive games right? I bet will this be great for you then.

Spotify has decided to upload all of the best soundtracks from the classics in the 90s. All you have to do is search for the artist ‘Sega’ and you will find: Nights Into Dreams, complete works from Out Run, Out Run 2 and Out Runners, Also the best of the best Sonic! There is some Virtua Fighter in the mix, and the Skies of Arcadia score included as well. Check out the preview of music that is on Spotify:

Yes so excited for this and cannot wait to start listening to these gaming songs again. It will be like I am playing these games all over again. I bet you can’t wait to go search ‘Sega’ on Spotify now.

For more news on gaming check out this article on Nintendo releasing the Mini Verizon of the Original Console.

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