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Metallica x Stranger Things: Joseph Quinn Meets Metallica and is Gifted a Guitar

The Stranger Things actor recently met up with Metallica and gifted him a brand new guitar.


In honor of his performance in season six of Stranger things, Joseph Quinn met up with Metallica before they performed at Lollapalooza. Quinn proceeded to jam with Metallica playing Master of Puppets, as he did in the show. The actor was then given a guitar modeled after the one we see in the epic scene. The guitar was signed or, as James Hetfield eloquently put it, “f***** up,” by the band, to Joseph Quinn’s request.

It is great to see Metallica embracing the new eyes brought upon them by the last season of Stranger Things. The show has proved to be a powerhouse, bringing the song off the 1986 hit album back into popular culture. Another 80’s artist, Kate Bush, has also been rewarded for featuring in Stranger Things. Her hit song “Running Up That Hill,” found itself back in music charts 37 years after its release.

Stranger Things has been a huge success for Netflix, with fans chomping at the bits to get to the distant fifth and final season. Who would’ve guessed after season 1 was released that Metallica would be playing at Lollapalooza beside a clip of Eddie Munson in the upside down!

It’s fair to say Joseph Quinn has been quite busy recently, click here, to find out about his recent encounter with US immigration.

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