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Machine Gun Kelly Booed Off Stage After Eminem Diss

Another day, another rapper feud.

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Don’t we all love a little rapper beef? There’s something so entertaining about listening to diss track after diss track of rappers calling each other out on their BS. The most recent feud to hit the music world is between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, and it is a doozy. Grab your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen.

Eminem – aka Marshall Mathers – likes to put out albums fairly quick. He released Revival in December 2017, and his newest record – Kamikaze – was released this past August. Like most of the rapper’s albums, Kamikaze is ripe with emotion, clever lyrics, and a diss track or two.

On the song “Not Alike”, Eminem speaks straight to Machine Gun Kelly and outs Kelly for a provocative tweet written back in 2012. MGK called Eminem’s then 16 year-old daughter Hailie “hot as f—.” So what did Eminem do? Obviously he was still holding a grudge all these years later and publicly shamed the guy who wronged his family.

In response to Eminem’s harsh diss, MGK came out with some harsh words of his own. He released a track called “Rap Devil” (a play on Eminem’s famed track “Rap God” perhaps?). Normally the beef would probably end here with both rappers finally getting their say, and then dropping the whole affair. But no – MGK had to take the fight one step further.

At a recent Fall Out Boy concert in Orlando, Kelly was invited on stage. In an attempt to play the macho man, he sang “Rap Devil”. He was then promptly booed off stage. Take a look at the bewildering video below. The boos are so loud, one can barely hear him rapping. Very cringe worthy indeed.

We’re not entirely sure why Machine Gun Kelly tried to pull a stunt like this. It’s quite obvious that Eminem is a superior and more popular rapper. And why even sing a diss track at a show that is not your own? Not the place or time, pal.

To make matters much worse, Kelly then posted a video of the concert ordeal to his own Instagram. Was this to send the message that he was the victim in this scenario? Or was attempting to make the point that people don’t like Eminem either, and that’s really why they were booing him? Well he missed the mark on both counts, that’s for sure. Fall Out Boy fans also came to the rescue to reveal what really went down during the show.


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he missed. ???‍♂️???#legshot #rapdevilstillNUMBERONE #letstalkaboutit ???

A post shared by BINGE EP out now (@machinegunkelly) on Sep 16, 2018 at 7:11pm PDT



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This beef just keeps getting wilder, doesn’t it? Not 11 days after Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track went viral, Eminem released another track called “Killshot”. Both songs are now competing for most views on YouTube will both already in the 100 millions. Who will be the winner of this war? Can MGK even compete with the Rap God himself? May the best rapper win.

Wanting to squeeze as much entertainment out of this feud as possible? Watch a parody of Eminem responding to everyone who dissed his new album.

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