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Love on Tour: A Concert Experience Like No Other

The tour has both redefined the concert experience for fans and impacted the live music industry.

YouTube/Harry Styles

Amidst various rumors flying around about his great return to music coming soon, Harry Styles made his first official public appearance since the final show of his successful tour, Love on Tour.

Styles shocked everyone when he arrived at the Manchester United game at Kenilworth Road in Northern London on February 18th. The buzz that Styles’ appearance created proved his fanbase is still alive as ever and eager for his return.

Almost two years since Harry’s House was released in May of 2022, fans are expecting an announcement any day now. Fans are not the only ones speculating on the star’s return. Numerous gossip sites and insider accounts have spoken on the matter.

They have released rumored information that an announcement will be made in March or early April. There have also been numerous rumors published about the sound of the album. Some have predicted that it will fall into the category of soft rock rather than pop.

For devoted Harry Styles fans an announcement of a new album does not just mean getting new music. As Styles has stated numerous times before, performing is what he loves most in this world.

He was born to be on stage. An album announcement also means an eventual tour announcement. To fans, this is a chance to get to return to what they view as home: a Harry Styles concert.

Harry Styles performing on stage in 2018 for Live on Tour.
Harry Styles performing on stage in 2018. Credit: YouTube/Harry Styles

The praise and response that Styles’ last tour received was unprecedented. Every fan, every reporter, and every celebrity was trying to score tickets to witness the magic for themselves. This left every person who did not experience the tour for themselves asking, “What is so special about a Harry Styles concert?”

In celebration of Styles’ rumored return to the spotlight, here is a deep dive into how Harry Styles: Love on Tour has redefined the concert experience for fans and impacted the live music industry.

The Love on Tour experience

One of the most special things about Love on Tour is that it is not just a concert; it is a unique experience. On the day of a show in any given city, fans line up hours and hours before the show begins in hopes of scoring a perfect spot in the pit.

Sitting outside on the streets of a city for hours at a time may seem like some people’s worst nightmare. Fans of Styles know that this is just one of the many things that make the experience so special.

The experience of being at Love on Tour before the show begins is unlike anything else. Fans arrive in extravagant outfits that are often handmade or planned months in advance. Feathers from boas litter sidewalks and the floors of the venues. Groups of fans can be spotted taking pictures or teaching each other dances they made up for Styles’ songs.

At Love on Tour, the experience extends far beyond when the show begins and ends. Fans form meaningful friendships and share memories that will last a lifetime. Styles’ fanbase transforms into a family at his shows.

Sophie Kiluk is a lifetime fan of Styles. She attended multiple Love on Tour shows from Raleigh, NC to London, UK. Why does she keep going back? “Because of how seeing Harry in concert makes me feel,” Kiluk replied.

Her experience is a reflection of the community Styles has created; “It’s comforting to know that no matter where I travel, if I meet another person who likes Harry… I know they’ve got my back! You could go to a Harry show all by yourself & leave with 15+ friends!”

Fans are a part of the show

If there is one thing that everyone who has attended a Harry Styles show can agree on, it is that his fan interactions are like nothing else. He makes fans a part of the show and forms connections with them.

Sophia Kiluk explains, “There is nothing like Love on Tour. The energy in the room is unlike anything on earth. Harry makes every person feel seen and the shows are so personal, no matter how large the arena. He remembers his roots and lets his fans know how grateful he is for us.”

Styles has been a part of so many special moments for fans with his interactions. From gender reveals to engagements, he has a way of connecting with fans that is beyond words.

Grace Hall-Ramsey found herself on the receiving end of one of these iconic interactions when Styles helped her come out to her mother during Live on Tour in 2018, yelling “Tina, she’s gay!” Since then, she has shared multiple interactions with Styles throughout Love on Tour. He has recognized and acknowledged her with callbacks to the iconic moment.

She put into words what this connection with Styles means to her. “I will be forever grateful for all the love that Harry has shown me over the years. It’s a really indescribable feeling to have someone you’ve looked up to for so much of your life be a part of such a monumental moment,” she says.

“For interactions like mine, to share a moment that personal with a fan is incredible. It’s something neither of you will soon forget, and it feels very genuine because he doesn’t have to do that.”

Fans get to return the love to Harry by being a part of many of his special moments too. Having attended many shows from all legs of the tour from Fall 2021 to Summer 2023, Hall-Ramsey knows what this is like: “[They] are really special moments that make you want to keep coming back. It feels like a more personal moment you’re creating with an artist to watch them have those sentimental moments where you can tell how moved they are.”

Harry Styles wears Love on Tour hoodie in video celebrating Love on Tour: "Love on Tour, Forever"
Harry Styles wears a Love on Tour hoodie. Credit: YouTube/Harry Styles

The success of Love on Tour and its impact

Love on Tour began in September of 2021. It was one of the first major tours to bring back live music after the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The tour sold the most tickets of any tour in 2021. People were eager for the return of live music and something positive to bring people together; Love on Tour did exactly that.

Love on Tour ended in July of 2023 after 169 shows and $617.3 million in worldwide earnings. Despite it being almost a year since the massive tour came to an end, the impact it has had on the live music industry is still noticeable.

Although many of the things found at a Harry Styles show have been part of live music for years, he amplified them in ways that make them impossible for artists to overlook.

Hall-Ramsey says “I’d argue that it brought on a resurgence of going all out for a concert from the view of the fans.” Kiluk weighed in on the topic as well; “It’s amazing how much the costumes, fan interactions, & more have impacted mainstream concert culture.”

Along with millions of fans worldwide, both Sophie and Grace agree that when Styles tours again, they will continue to attend his shows as much as they can. The magic that Harry Styles brings to shows is something that will never fade and the world cannot wait to see it return with his next era of music.

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