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This Interactive Music Map Will Change Your Indecisive Life

New Music Map shows you artists you should like based on who you like now.

Credit: music-map

This interactive Music Map allows you to find new music based on what you like. 

GNOD (Global Network Of Discovery) have created a ‘tourist map to music’. The Music Map is simple to use, interactive, and effective. Aiming to broaden our musical horizons, this website is a great way to find your next favourite artist.

To use the map you simply type in an artist you currently like and the rest is, as they say, history. The name you typed will appear in the centre of the page and various artists will appear around it. The closer to the search artist the names appear the more likely you are to like the new artist.

For example, A search of Grammy Winners Foo Fighters – winning for their song ‘Run’ would result in recommendations of; Incubus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Queens of the Stoneage.

Similarly, a search for Rend Collective, would send you right to Bethel Music, Kristene Dimarco and Jonathan David Helser.
We all love new music and can all get stuck in our ways. This is a perfect remedy for that, just type in an artist and find people you’ll love without hours of youtube.

For More in Music: Click Here.

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