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Fans Left Outraged After Foo Fighters Announce Gig Covid Measures

Fake fans of you ask me

NPK P3 / Flickr

The Foo Fighters are back on tour, but you’re going to need a full vaccination if you’re hoping to see them back on stage. Some fans haven’t handled the news well, so much so they’ve vowed never to attend one of their gigs again.

So after a year of anxiously hovering our cursors over the Ticketmaster website, with a hope and a prayer, slowly we are seeing our favorite bands and artists returning to the stage. Obviously with all of Boris’s delays who knows when things will ever go back to normal, but for now we’re seeing some level of normality.                                              

This is not to say we’ve been given a free pass to go crazy and coughing on every Tom, Dick, and Harry we see on the street (not that I’d recommend it pre-Covid mind you). Vaccines are still rolling out to huge swathes of the population and with a recent spike in cases after the beginning of the lockdown easing back in March, it is important to be responsible and cautious. Still wear masks, wash your hands, do tests regularly, etcetera, etcetera. 

Well, apparently the message hasn’t gotten through to a group of Foo Fighters fans (haha I didn’t know they still existed either, well maybe that one girl that challenged him to the drums). 

after returning to the stage after almost a year, one of the stipulations for admittance and attendance to their gigs is that attendees must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. A fair trade-off is you ask the opinion of this humble writer.

Unfortunately not everyone shares this opinion.  A group of disgruntled (former?) fans have quite literally thrown their toys out of the pram after the announcement. The would be gig goers decided to destroy any and all Foo memoribilia (including albums) and vowing never to purchase tickets again. What’s worse they decided to take it to the internet and announce their triumphant fight against rational thought to the world. 

A notice on the Ticketmaster page for the event states: “Guests must have proof of full Covid-19 vaccination – Final Dose 14 Days Before Event.”

It’s almost a given that this would be the case given the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has not been resolved yet. Look we all want to scream Pretender at the top of our lungs with a room full of sweaty middle-aged men but that doesn’t mean we can just start getting complacent. Libertarian comedian Josh Denny took to Twitter to say  ‘never buy another ticket to a Foo Fighters concert’.

Okay, didn’t want you there anyway.

It is important we still stay vigilant about the pandemic, and measures like this are an important step to ensure a return to some level of normality. Stay safe

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Freelance writer and journalist with an MA in English literature. He's been known to cry at sunsets and laugh in the face of ennui. Not lover nor fighter, but a man and barely one that.

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