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Is The OLED Switch Worth It? We Take A Look

There have been a lot of rumors circulating about awesome features for a new Switch. Are any of them true?

A child uses the touchscreen to select a game on a Nintendo Switch.
Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Did they add the features you want?

On October 8th, 2021, the new OLED model will join the Nintendo Switch family along with the original Switch and the Switch Lite. It can be yours for $350 – which is $50 more than the official Nintendo website prices the OG and the Lite at. Nintendo released an announcement trailer on July 6th showcasing their new product.

Whether you’re thinking of replacing your current system, buying a Switch for a first time, or just curious about what’s so special about this new model, read on to learn about the OLED’s new features and compare them to what the other Switches already offer.

Will the OLED Switch have the rumored upgrades of the Switch Pro?

Rumors about an upgraded Switch being released soon have been circulating on the Internet before the OLED’s announcement. Gamers had high expectations for a new Switch, including 4k resolution, improved battery life, Bluetooth support for third-party accessories, upgraded hardware, and a Joy-Con drift fix. Nintendo has not listed any of these improvements as a feature for the OLED Switch on its website.

Nintendo had not confirmed any of these rumors prior to the OLED’s release. A recent Twitter post from the company stated that there are no plans “at this time” to release another model after the OLED Switch.

This clarification has left many gamers upset because there will be no new model released any time soon with the features they want. This doesn’t necessarily mean the OLED is no longer worth getting because it didn’t live up to the hype, however.

How does it compare to its predecessor, the original Nintendo Switch?

A picture of the original Nintendo Switch in its black dock.

Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Some improved features the OLED boasts over the original include the 7 inch OLED touchscreen that it is named for. The original Switch has a 6.2 inch LED touchscreen, but both consoles have the same resolution: 720p when handheld, and 1080p when docked. Another similarity between the two systems is their 4.5 – 9 hour battery life.

The OLED Switch will also have 64GB of storage compared to the original Switch’s 32GB. The OLED’s new white dock will also have a wired LAN port and a removable back panel for easier access to plug in accessories or a power adapter. Said dock is confirmed via a statement to Digital Trends to be sold separately for owners of the original Switch.

“Enhanced audio” is on the OLED’s list of features, though Nintendo has not yet specified what this entails. Another is a small quality-of-life improvement by giving the console a full-width rear stand. It will help it stay upright when playing in tabletop mode.

Most of the rumors surrounding the new model weren’t true. But the OLED Switch overall has a number of improved features that potentially make it worth the $50 more. So if you’re thinking of making the switch – go for it.

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