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Is Bridgerton Losing its Spark?

The new season of Bridgerton has hit our screens, but are we growing tired of watching the siblings fall in love? Is it time for a new story?

Colin Bridgerton kissing the hand of Penelope featherington
Netflix, Youtube

There is no debate that Bridgerton is this generation’s most watched show. The most recent season collecting over 45 million viewers so far. From steamy carriage scenes to big love confessions this regency era show has something for everyone.

However, after this season release people are calling the once-loved show boring and tired. But is this true? Have we grown tired of the Bridgerton siblings and their romance adventures. Are we in need of something new and fresh? 

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan on the Bridgerton Red Carpet
Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan attend the season 3 photo-call of Bridgerton at Bulgari Hotel (Shutterstock, Andrea Raffin)

Season Three Summary

Bridgerton first graced our screens back in 2020 and follows the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne, in her society debut. Like her parents she is hoping to find a “love match,” but she is instead met by the Duke of Hastings. Catch of the wedding season but also a committed bachelor. Along with an uninterested match she has to navigate the rumours spread by Lady Whistledown. 

Each season follows a Bridgerton sibling in their quest for love and in this newest season we follow the third eldest child. However, this season mainly focuses on Colin and his next door neighbour Penelope Featherington. 

But what Colin doesn’t know about Penelope is that she is also the infamous Lady Whistledown. Throughout this season we see Penelope pine over Colin as he tries to keep up his bachelor-esqe lifestyle. 

Yet, is this season just the previous two repeated with swapped characters or is it something completely different? 

What About The Books?

Recently there have been debates on the show losing its spark, but we must consider the original source. The books were written in the early 2000s and like the Netflix adaption are full of romance and wit. 

Its recent success is due to the book’s themes of growing up, navigating a new world. This has made the series relatable and engaging for its new audiences whilst staying true to its original fans. 

Colin Bridgerton kissing the hand of Penelope featherington
Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington (Netflix, Youtube)

Along with these themes the basis of the series does not stray far away from the books. The Netflix series has stayed true to the first book The Duke and I, which was the source of the first season. But how well does the rest of the series hold up as a basis for the show?

It could be argued that the book series is essentially the same story repeated – just swapped out for the different siblings and their partners. However this is not the case. One of the greatest aspects of using this source material is the rich tapestry of characters and relationships. 

Each sibling has their own unique traits and views on love, despite all coming from the same family and growing up with their parent’s profound love for each other. This series shows how diverse love is and how family dynamics and personal growth affects your view on love.

The books provide a solid foundation for the show to explore these themes along with scandal and societal expectations which further affects the characters quest for love. Across the eight books the reader is brought into a whole new world and sees each couple through a different lens, including ones they have previously met. 

Adaption Success

Netflix has become a trailblazer in bringing fresh and captivating content to audiences around the globe. The vibrant characters, modern soundtrack, and captivating storyline have contributed to Bridgerton’s universal appeal. Bridging the gap between historical fiction and contemporary entertainment.

Penelope Featherington
Penelope Featherington (Netlfix, Youtube)

The show’s creator, Chris Van Dusen, and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, have masterfully reimagined the world of the Bridgerton and the Featherington family. It remains faithful to the books’ charm while kindling a life of its own. 

Chris Van Dusen has perfectly brought to life these well-loved characters who have depth and complexity. It allows the audience to see characters they are familiar with in a whole new light without isolating the new audiences. 

The lavish costumes, elaborate set designs, and sweeping cinematography have transported viewers to a visually stunning world. It has become evident that the series has transcended the confines of its literary origins, emerging as a cultural phenomenon in its own right. 

Bridgerton stands as a testament to the power of storytelling. It has been reimagined and revitalized for a whole new audience whilst still staying true to the original source.

The Books vs. The Show

Like all adaptions they aren’t completely accurate with some narratives translating better on the page than the screen. Some characters’ personalities and storylines are altered, and additional subplots are introduced. 

While this may irk purists, these changes can also breathe new life into the story, offering surprises even for those familiar with the books.

A shot of benedict and anthony bridgerton
Benedict and Anthony Bridgerton (Netflix, Youtube)

While there are inevitable differences between the books and the show, they complement each other, offering fans of both mediums a chance to enjoy the world of the Bridgertons in their own unique ways. Whether you’re a devoted bookworm or a recent fan of the show, the Bridgerton series has something enchanting to offer too all.

The book series allows the audience to see how different people view love despite their similar upbringings. It also explores the different love tropes and allows the previous love stories to grow without the pressure of being the main focus.

Bridgerton is not growing tired or losing its spark, although it follows the same template the audience are given something different each time. Some seasons and stories will translate better or being more loved simply due to the characters popularity along with their chosen trope.

The show is so much more than just following a family in their quest for love. It offers insight into friendships, family relationships, and societal expectations. These themes are just as important as love and are the reason Bridgerton relates so well to different people. 

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