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New Games Coming to Netflix in August 2022

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix is launching its new games for gamers and series fans. Here is the complete list of upcoming Netflix games in August 2022.

Netflix Heads Up!

Image Credit: Netflix

Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises

Here are the confirmed deck’s exclusive games include.

Director’s Cut
Stranger Things
Strong Black Lead
Romantic Comedies
Baking Shows
Con Todo

Rival Pirates

Image Credit: Netflix

Live out your pirate dreams in this new game. You explore see, and battle with other pirates and you can also collect the loots and treasures. The official description of the game is “Make ’em walk the plank! Set sail, fire cannonballs, and avoid traps to find the treasure before your enemies in this swashbuckling adventure.”


This game’s developer is Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid
Note: Originally planned for July 2022

IMMORTALITY game comes from Sam Barlow who has also released “Her Story and Telling Lies” which are effectively interactive movies.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures

Image Credit: Netflix

This game’s developer is Jam City (US)
Note: Was originally planned to release in July 2022

Other Netflix Original Games Coming Soon

Reigns: Three Kingdom
Terra Nil
Lucky Luna: Lucky Luna
The Queen’s Gambit: Chess
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales
Shadow And Bone: Destinies
Too Hot to Handle
Desta: The Memories Between
Twelve Minutes
La Casa De Papel: The Game

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