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Guitar Hero With Lightsabers: Check Out ‘Beat Saber’ The New VR Game

The Virtual Reality game we’ve all been waiting for.

Image: Jaroslav Beck/YouTube

Ever watched Star Wars and thought you’d make a good Jedi? Well thanks to Virtual Reality, you can now give it a shot in the new game ‘Beat Saber’.

The VR game (that’s actually unaffiliated with Star Wars) is a rhythm game where the aim is to slash the boxes coming at you with the two sabers in your hands. Sounds simple and boring, doesn’t it? But watch the teaser that’s been released of the game and you’ll see it’s anything but.

Similar in design to ‘Guitar Hero’, the boxes hurtle at you at some speed and have arrows on them pointing to which way to slash. It actually looks like it could be a bit knackering swinging your arms back and forth for so long, the Jedi’s made it look so easy?

From the video, it looks like a tough game but if you think you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the gameplay, the studio that developed the game, Hyperbolic Magnetism, are adamant it can be learned by newcomers:

““Anyone can understand the basic game principles and play the game in just a few seconds.”

Good thing too because there is no way I would’ve kept up with all those boxes flying at me at that speed!

VR really is the future of gaming and look what they’ve done now, controllers that actually make you feel pain!

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