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GTA 6 Fans Fear Dying Before the Game’s Release

Many GTA fans have recently found themselves having an irrational fear of dying before the release of the long-waited, GTA 6.

Computer showing a potential loading screen for the new GTA 6 game.
Image: Shutterstock/KateV28

Yes, you heard that correctly.

As many may know, Grand Theft Auto, commonly referred to as GTA, is a popular video game series, accessible on most gaming platforms.

There has been lots of commotion in the gaming community as they are anticipating GTA 6.

This would be the newest game in the series.

Many fans are so eager to play the game that some have even gone as far as saying that they are scared to die before the game is released.

A fan on Reddit (swifto12) wrote,

“Is anyone else having genuine anxiety about dying before GTA 6 comes out? I drank two cups of coffee this morning. My heart fluttered a bit and my first thought was, ‘Oh god, please no. Not before GTA 6.

via Gaming Bible

Fans were even more hysteric after the creators of the GTA series, Rockstar Games, officially released the GTA 6 video trailer.

Another fan on Instagram (@nhlonhlo_) wrote, “Bro, I actually wore a helmet when riding a bicycle today, I’m not taking ANY RISKS.”

GTA 6 Fans’ Feelings Are Completely Valid

Though these reactions may be considered to be dramatic and over the top, it is important to note how long fans have been waiting for.

The franchise last released GTA 5 in 2013, meaning there has not been a new Grand Theft Auto game in over a decade.

It is also important to note that this game will be based in Vice City, one of the original maps in the GTA franchise.

Fans were introduced to this map in 2002, following the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

As a result, it makes complete sense why many fans feel emotional about the fact the new game will be based on this map as well.

A fan (Matheus-si3ed) who commented on RockstarGame’s YouTube Trailer stated, “It’s crazy that even as adults, these [games,] still make us feel like kids again.”

It is notable that this sentimental value was in Rockstar’s favor, as the video gained over 100 million views and broke YouTube’s 24-hour view record.

This is incredible, considering gaming has such a niche, collected community of individuals.

The Flip-Side of GTA 6 Commotion

However, some users did find the reactions fans had to be over the top.

A user on Reddit (@Packie_McReary_) replied to this death concern by stating,

“It’s a video game, bro not your kid’s wedding. Y’all need to f****** relax and find other hobbies if this is how y’all really feel.”

In addition, there has been lots of controversy regarding the GTA franchise in general, due to its innate violent nature.

Some researchers have even gone as far as suggesting that the interactive nature of violent video games, such as GTA, makes them rehearsals for violent behavior.

Official Release Date

Though the game has already caused quite a stir of excitement and controversy, it is set to be released in 2025 for Xbox & PlayStation consoles.

Meanwhile, it is set to be released on PC platforms around 2026.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, we encourage die-hard fans to make it till the release date. After all, it is more than notable they will enjoy it.

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