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What We Know About GTA 6 So Far: Vice City Returns, Real-Life Florida References and the First-Ever Female Lead Character

Vice City has made a comeback and it’s better than ever! 🎮

Image: Rockstar Games

The first look at the much awaited sixth game, GTA 6, has finally dropped more than ten years after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rockstar Games surprised players worldwide by releasing the video game’s trailer on Monday night following an initial online leak. With nearly 100 million views in less than twenty-four hours after its release, it quickly shot to the top and broke records, proving how adored this series is among its fans.

This has been a long time coming for fans of this popular video game series, given their last game release was back in 2013. The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 shows the return of Vice City, the location of the 2002 game, and it looks bigger and more modern than ever.

Vice City is making a comeback

Screenshots of GTA's beach scene and night life in Vice City, people drifting across the water with speedboats
Screenshots of Vice City’s beach scene and nightlife and people drifting across the water with speedboats. Credit: Rockstar Games

GTA 6 had been widely expected to leave Los Santos, but there was no definitive answer as to where. After months of speculation, this trailer confirms that we will return to Rockstar’s fictional version of Florida—the one and only Leonida.

We’re returning to the lively streets of Vice City, a Miami-inspired playground revealed in the trailer with its sun-soaked beaches and thrilling nightlife scenes. People are shown dirt-biking through the streets, racing into the night, drifting speed boats through the open water, clubbing, and so much more. There are even more police pursuits and crimes that take place, and those who are familiar with the franchise know that it wouldn’t be a Grand Theft Auto game without a bit of chaos and destruction. 

GTA 6 is inspired by real-life events

Screenshot of the arrested man with joker-like face tattoos and bright purple hair.
Vice City’s very own ‘Joker-man’ Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar has taken one step further into modernizing GTA by adding a social media-inspired platform, like Instagram, that features videos of party-goers having a good time on a boat and a woman dancing on top of a moving vehicle.  

As GTA has a reputation for drawing inspiration from American culture, some of the clips shown are based on actual events in Florida. For example, the clip of the woman twerking on top of a moving car is real. There are also parallels to “Florida Joker,” a man whose mugshot went viral due to his bright green hair and Joker-like facial tattoos. 

It’s safe to say that those who don’t live in Florida will get a taste of it from this upcoming game. 

Meet Lucia, the first female protagonist in the GTA franchise 

Screenshots of GTA 6's female lead protagonist, Lucia and an unknown male character in the GTA 6 Trailer
Screenshots of the female lead protagonist, Lucia and an unknown male character in the GTA 6 trailer. Credit: Rockstar Games

The rumors can now be put to rest as the trailer reveals the franchise’s first-ever female lead. Besides Lucia, a male character’s name has yet to be revealed. The two appear to be in a similar relationship to Bonnie and Clyde, leading lives marked by crime and passion.

If you were hoping for Grand Theft Auto 6 to launch next year, you’d be disappointed to learn it won’t be until 2025. It hasn’t been confirmed if it will be released early or late in the year, but as 2024 approaches, what’s another year of playing GTA 5 while you patiently wait for this highly anticipated game?

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