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Grand Theft Auto V is Now Available Free For PC

Snatch up the popular game for a limited time.

Throughout this pandemic, people have had to find ways to entertain themselves if they aren’t at home at working. Netflix has been an easy answer for a lot of people, but others have turned to video games. Whether these games are played on a Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo is up to the user, but with Epic Games releasing Grand Theft Auto V for free on PC, computers could be the way to go. 

Players who add the game to their library from the Epic Games Store before the end of the promotion (May 21), will have the game to enjoy for whenever they please. 

Despite being seven-years-old, GTA V has remained popular. According to Game Pressure, the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series was the second biggest seller on the UK market for the week of May 9. 

The popularity of the game should come with little surprise considering it is such a celebrated series, but the fact that it is now free? Insane.

Sadly I already have purchased GTA V for my Playstation 4, but – if that wasn’t the case- I’d be running to the Epic Games store. 

On the official date of its release, I was a freshman in high school and had football practice after school.  I don’t remember that practice, but what I do remember is how excited my friends and I were to run to Gamestop and pick up the game.

Getting GTA didn’t help my grades, but it did create a lot of memories for my friends and I. We would play until the wee hours of the night and had a blast doing it. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those times, so -now that the game is free on PC- I may have to get my little gang back together and relive our glory days of mashing buttons and eating Doritos

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