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Do We Like The New Xbox Series X?

It is newer, but is it better?

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The most technologically advanced, most powerful, and fastest Xbox will be dropped in the following months. Microsoft just announced its release of the Xbox series X. 

But is it worth it?

Xbox Series X was first revealed on December 12, 2019. In an attempt to draw the potential users attention, Microsoft only revealed the name and the looks of their most recent version of Xbox. The audience is left to wonder about the exact date of the release, as Microsoft  only hinted “Holiday 2020”. 

Evolution of Xbox:

Flash back to 2001, since, Microsoft has dropped Xbox (2001), Xbox 360 (2005), Xbox 360 S (2010), Xbox E (2013), Xbox One (2013), Xbox One S (2016), Xbox One X (2017), and Now Xbox Series X (2020). 

Overtime, as the specs of the models advanced, so did the size and shape. Even though for the longest time, the Xbox consoles gradually became smaller and thinner, This year, Microsoft seems to have gone to a different direction. 

So, do we like the Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X is a rectangular cube that holds infinite dreams and possibilities. Now, You can explore the vastness of the ocean and the boundlessness of the sky, with an even more advanced device. 

While the Xbox Series X is aesthetically pleasing to some, it has received it’s own fair share of criticism. The longtime Xbox fans are primarily criticizing the size of the Xbox console. 

Many have compared the Xbox Series X to an apartment building, squidward’s house, an amazon package, an old computer tower, and in the above case, to a refrigerator. The unusually big size of the Xbox Series X is a big shock to many Xbox fans. 

If you’re fond of the newest Xbox Series X, make sure to keep an eye out for holiday special deals, as you may have just missed the insane thanksgiving deal. 

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