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Crash Bandicoot’s ‘Stormy Ascent’ Is Now FREE To Download!

Blast from the past!

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Crash Bandicoot is back for PS4, and it’s as difficult as ever. But, FREE!  

The game franchise, for those who have forgotten, follows Crash the anthropomorphic bandicoot on his adventures. The games take place on the fictional Wumpa Islands where Doctor Neo Cortex also lives. The main premise is that Cortex wants Crash dead to fulfil his plans of world domination.

Anyway, back story complete, on to the real deal. According to Activision, the toughest level was not included in the original game because it was too difficult. ‘Stormy Ascent’ sees Crash navigating slippery platforms and impossible escapes from his enemies.

However, this mystery level is not completely unknown. Avid gamers were able to access the content through cheat codes and cartridges. Activision decided that due to this intrigue, and the success of the Remastered game edition, they would release ‘Stormy Ascent’ for free!

Here is the trailer:



As fun as it may seem, game creator Taylor Kurosaki says;

I was new to games and game design back then; I didn’t have a great understanding of a difficulty curve. This level was so close to the end of the game and, you guessed it, it ended up being insanely difficult.

As in, so difficult that it was hard for me, and I’m the guy who knew exactly how far Crash could jump, how late a player could take-off, and so on. 

To try and get an idea of Kurosaki’s words, have a watch of this gamer’s go:

Happy Gaming!

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