“If we told them what being black in America is, would they believe us? This is not for television. This is just for us in the room. I’ll ask again more succinctly, if we told them what it was, would they believe us? No, fuck no they wouldn’t. Nigga, there’s a fucking white supremacist starter kit at Target: ‘Here, let me get some tiki torches, some khaki pants and a fucked up haircut, I’ve got something going on next week.’ It’s real right now. And have we seen it all before? Yup.”

In the end, he concluded by taking the line again, requesting that DJ Kid Capri take a bit of a different approach to the music cue and telling the producer, “I’m fucking around Stan, I’m just busting your balls … You can leave this in, too. It’s a reunion, I was drinking backstage.”