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‘Virgin Birth’ Recorded in Crocodile for the First Time in History”

Witness a scientific milestone as the phenomenon of ‘virgin birth’ is documented in a crocodile for the first time in history.


The discovery of facultative parthenogenesis in a female American crocodile has opened up new avenues of research and sparked excitement among scientists. This reproductive phenomenon, observed in various species, including birds and now crocodiles, sheds light on the potential reproductive abilities of extinct archosaurs, such as dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

The fact that both birds and crocodilians, the two surviving branches of archosaurs, have exhibited facultative parthenogenesis suggests a shared evolutionary origin for this trait. It provides a glimpse into the reproductive strategies that might have existed among their ancient relatives.

The study conducted by Warren Booth and his team at Virginia Tech yielded valuable insights despite the unsuccessful hatching of the eggs. The genetic analysis of the non-viable fetus within one of the eggs confirmed a close resemblance to the mother, further supporting the occurrence of facultative parthenogenesis in crocodilians.

While the viability of offspring born through facultative parthenogenesis is often compromised, this reproductive strategy could have particular significance for species facing extinction. Further research on wild populations of crocodilians and other archosaurs may reveal additional instances of facultative parthenogenesis and provide a deeper understanding of its prevalence and implications for conservation efforts.

The ability to reproduce without mating has far-reaching implications for the evolutionary history of species. By studying the reproductive capabilities of ancient archosaurs, scientists can gain valuable insights into the diverse strategies employed by these remarkable creatures. The discovery of facultative parthenogenesis in a crocodilian species adds another layer of complexity to our understanding of reproduction in the animal kingdom and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the reproductive abilities of long-extinct dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

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