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Tupac Shakur Killing: Vegas-area Search Linked To Man Who Claims He Was In Car With Killer

Authorities searched a Henderson, Nev., home for computers and other items linked to the unsolved slaying of Tupac Shakur, sources told The Times.

Tupac Shakur
Image Source: Tupac Shakur @ Instagram

The recent raid on a home in Henderson, NV, in connection with the Tupac Shakur murder case, created a chaotic scene in the quiet neighborhood. TMZ obtained dramatic footage of the SWAT operation, showing Vegas Metro PD officers surrounding the house with police lights flashing in the dead of night.

In the video, officers can be heard using a megaphone to call for the people inside the house to come out with their hands up. They shout commands to a woman, urging her to drop her cigarettes and comply with their demands. Later, they address a man, instructing him to turn around, raise his hands, and walk backward. The video doesn’t reveal if these two individuals were the only ones inside the house or if they were detained or arrested.

The police were executing a search warrant, but the probable cause for obtaining the warrant hasn’t been disclosed. However, according to an ABC News report, the officers seized hard drives and photos of possible suspects in Tupac’s murder once inside.

The house that was raided is owned by Paula Clemons, who is married to a former Crip named Keefe D. Keefe has claimed for years that his nephew, Orlando Anderson, fired the fatal shots at Tupac in 1996 near the Vegas Strip, with Keefe present in the car at the time of the shooting.

The current living situation of Paula and Keefe at the Henderson home remains unclear, and neighbors in the area have reported seeing a couple living there since 2016. They have been described as friendly and not exhibiting any suspicious behavior.

The police conducted the search at the address for approximately 2 hours, leaving the big question unanswered—whether they found anything that could lead to a breakthrough in the unsolved Tupac murder case. As of now, the investigation continues, and further details surrounding the raid and its results remain undisclosed.

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