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SZA’s New Look: Thanks to Plastic Surgery or Weight Loss?

sza new look

Singer-songwriter SZA has 17 nominations in a total of 16 categories for 2023 Billboard Music Awards. But the question gripping her fans isn’t ‘will she win?’, instead all that is circulating is ‘did she get plastic surgery?’. 

SZA is no stranger to this. Her look has been the subject of rumors for years with fans speculating that she underwent the infamous Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) operation. SZA is using her latest album to address these claims as well as revealing all to Elle magazine. 

But that’s not enough. Examining ‘before and after’ photos, fans have decided that she has  undergone facial surgery like chin filler, lip filler and rhinoplasty. 

Did SZA Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The all important question. And who better to answer is that SZA herself?

On her album ‘SOS’ last year, SZA hinted that she had undergone the previously rumoured BBL surgery.

The ‘SOS’ title song includes the lyrics, “So classic, that ass so fat, it looks natural, it’s not.” If this isn’t telling enough, in her song ‘Conceited’, SZA sings, “I just got my body done, ain’t got no guilt about it / I just heard your opinion, I could’ve done without it”. 

SZA then went on to confirm the surgery in an interview with Elle saying that “I’ve always wanted to have a super fat a**”. 

But some fans are speculating that SZA didn’t stop here, suggesting that she’s had multiple facial surgeries. She is yet to confirm these rumours. 

SZA Before and After Plastic Surgery 

As always TikTok likes to weigh in. Simone “Queen” Hopes (a Plastics and Derm Physician Associate and Certified Cosmetic Injector, and owner of her Medical Spa and Consulting company) took to TikTok to discuss how SZA looked before and what she might want to or have changed. 

The breakdown of SZA’s before look according to @queen.aestheticshtx

Image Credit: @queen.aestheticshtx/TikTok

Queen goes on to explore all the work that SZA might have had in her ‘after’ pics.

The breakdown of SZA’s after look according to @queen.aestheticshtx

Image Credit: @queen.aestheticshtx/TikTok

Is She Hiding Her Surgery Again?

Before owning her new bum, SZA denied having had any body surgery. Instead she claimed the appearance was due to natural techniques. 

Squats, yam, chicken breast, you know the usual. I’m sure we all wish we could get those results using those techniques. 

Of course, it later came out that it was surgery, not exercise or diet. We can all stop feeling bad that we don’t look like her after a few squats. 

But because fans know that she didn’t own her surgery immediately they are getting suspicious of her face. More specifically, has she had surgery or not?

While some are putting it down to the whopping 50 pounds she lost in the last few years, others are saying she’s undergone surgery. 

TikTok Plastic Surgeons are Weighing in

Where would we be without TikTok’s opinion? As per usual TikTok has a lot to say with many qualified plastic surgeons offering their opinion. 

Dr Daniel Barrett is more conservative with his view, beginning his video telling us, “lots of you think she’s had a rhinoplasty”. He goes on to say, however, that because she’s lost of lot of weight its hard to tell. The changes to her face could just as easily be thanks to weight loss as to a skilled surgeon’s hands. 


Lots of people have asked if #sza has had anything done. What do you think? Let me know in the comments #greenscreenvideo #plasticsurgery #before

♬ original sound – Dr Daniel Barrett

Dr Nicole James has a different opinion however. She’s certain SZA has had fillers: “no one can tell me this woman hasn’t had chin filler”. 

She takes the time to recognize that SZA was beautiful with and without those surgeries, “she was absolutely stunning before”. 

She does immediately go on to list more possible procedures: “she’s had a bit of an eyebrow lift as well… you can see more of that fox eye look”. 

Like Dr Daniel Barrett, she isn’t convinced that all the changes are due to surgery. 

“People have also speculated that she’s had her nose done as well but I’m not sure … she may have  also had some buccal fat removal … but she’s lost 50 pounds so it might just be that”. 

How has Surgery Changed SZA’s Look?

SZA’s look has changed, I think we can all agree. But the before photos chosen are ones taken without good lighting, without makeup and hair done and without stunning outfits. It’s important to remember that the changes to her appearance are exaggerated by TikTokers and media. 

SZA reminds fans that the choice was entirely her own, despite the common misconception that she got it to blend in with the BBL culture.

The most important change to her look is her confidence. Getting her BBL made her happy, the most important thing. Whether she has or hasn’t undergone plastic surgery for her face doesn’t change the fact that she’s glowing with confidence. Remember, confidence is always key. If you like how you look, so will everyone else!

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