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Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Opens Up About Being Sexualised As A Child

Ratajkowski reveals controversial details of her upcoming book.

Robert Sullivan/ Flickr

Only a few of us can imagine being a highly-paid supermodel, adored and admired for your compelling good looks and lithe body. One example is the thirty-year-old star Emily Ratajkowski, who rose to fame after being cast as the main love interest in Robin Thicke’s music video Blurred Lines in 2013. Since then her life has been a success story, gracing our magazines and our cinemas to blockbuster hits such as Gone Girl. Nevertheless, there is a darker side to this supermodel’s fairytale career

Ratajkowski has recently made allegations to the press that Robin Thicke ‘groped her breasts’ whilst filming the Blurred Lines video. In addition to this, she has shared details of her new upcoming book My Body which expresses how she has caught attention, especially from males, since she was a child. 

Ratajkowski remarks on the fact that adults felt comfortable to comment on her looks and body happily when she was underage, revealing that once a middle school teacher snapped her bra and in one of her first modeling auditions a casting director told her directly that she looks like “she gets f***ed”. 

These shocking memories of how Ratajkowski had been sexualized throughout her career doesn’t stop there. Ratajkowski noted how her parents were, too, fixated by her good looks. For example, the earliest example of this was when Ratajkowski was born, the doctor who delivered her supposedly gushed over her beauty and took it so far as to bring his children to the hospital the next day to visit this beautiful baby.
Emily Ratajkowski poses for her 28 million followers.

“It seemed important to them both, especially to my mother, that their daughter be perceived as beautiful,’ Ratajkowski talks of her parents, adding that she would pray that God would make her “the most beautiful” for her parents. 

Ratajkowski was already by the age of twelve years old that her looks brought male attention. This awareness came from her mother, who once told Emily about a man’s reaction when they walked down a street.

“I’ll never forget the look on his face as you walked past him! He stopped dead in his tracks and his mouth fell open!” This is one of the comments Ratajkowski was subject to from her mother. 

What is clear here is that Ratajkowski has been taken literally for face value for the majority of her life. Her looks have reigned supreme and by the public eye, it has been more important than her opinions or personality. Her new book My Body symbolizes that Ratajkowski wants to change this sexualized perception of her. The fact is that looks fade, however, written words never will.
Ratajkowski promotes her book on Instagram.
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