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Pete Davidson Sparks Debate After Choosing to Buy a Dog Instead of Adopting a Rescue

Pete Davidson finds himself facing backlash after opting to buy a dog instead of adopting a rescue, sparking a controversial decision that ignites a passionate discussion.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders are making headlines once again, this time for their joint decision to get a puppy together.

The couple was spotted at the pet shop Citipups in NYC, where they fell in love with a two-and-a-half-month-old Cavapoo. The adorable pup captured Pete’s heart after he saw a photo of him, and the couple couldn’t resist bringing him home.

The new addition to their family comes at a poignant time, as Pete’s family recently experienced the loss of their beloved dog, Henry. In an Instagram post, Pete expressed his gratitude for Henry, acknowledging the profound impact the canine had on their lives. The loss left his family feeling broken, and the new puppy brings a sense of joy and healing.

While it’s unclear if Chase will co-own the dog with Pete or simply offered support during the pet shop visit, their joint decision to get a puppy suggests that their relationship has deepened. Fans may recall Pete’s previous experience with co-parenting a pet, as he and Ariana Grande famously got a micro pig together during their brief engagement. Hopefully, this time around, their puppy will have a more stable and harmonious home environment.

However, their choice of pet shop has sparked some controversy, as Citipups has faced criticism for allegedly sourcing dogs from puppy mills. While the pet shop claims to get their dogs from “responsible breeders,” social media users expressed concern and disappointment over their decision to support a store that might not prioritize ethical breeding practices.

As Pete and Chase embark on this new chapter together, fans and followers will eagerly await updates on their adorable Cavapoo and hope that their furry friend brings them joy, companionship, and a sense of stability in their relationship.

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