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Is Jeffree Star Dating Kayne West?

Is 2021 really going to be this crazy already?

Featured image of Kanye West via WikiMedia Commons, image of Jeffree Star via YouTube | Jeffree Star

As the US capital was under siege by violent extremists this past week, a really odd rumor began floating through social media that had nothing to do with politics. It had everything to do with Kanye West and Jeffree Star? Yeah, we were all a little confused ourselves when this began making the rounds. So, let’s break this down, shall we?

Way back in the simple days of 2019, Kanye West bought a bunch of land in Wyoming. He even discussed moving the headquarters of his company Adidas Yeezy clothing and shoe to Cody, Wyoming — which he did and has plans to move all of his manufacturing stateside. His house is worth over $14 million dollars and is located quite near Yeezy HQ. Kanye spent the holidays at the Wyoming mansion while Kim and the kids stayed in California. This is all because Kanye and Kim K. are purportedly getting a divorce. With Kayne staying in Wyoming and Kim staying in California, there were bound to be rumors. Apparently, here is where it gets juicy because you know who else lives in Wyoming?! Jeffree Star.

Girl What GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Okay. I am a relatively regular fan of Mx. Jeffree Star, okay? (We will be using non-gender pronouns for Jeffree, as they have stated in other videos they don’t feel male or female.) I have watched every single one of Shane Dawson‘s videos or documentaries about Jeffree… they are VERY open about their life. Jeffree doesn’t have a filter. While many call them fame-hungry, and they have said some really bat-$%^! crazy things, I do think they live their truth. It has, since the release of this rumor onto social platforms, been proven a lie. Because, DUH. Common guys, this is seriously crazy.

But it has led to some of the funniest content I have seen in a couple days, and since 2021 is also proving to be a wild one, let’s laugh.
via Twitter

While the above tweet is pretty top notch (as were many of the comments in response to this), I was not prepared for how utterly perfect the White Chicks references were.
via Twiiter
via Twitter — God Bless you, Terry Crews.
via Twitter — last one, I promise

To watch Jeffree’s full reaction (plus a great wig application) click here. If the rest of January is going to be this bipolar, threat of civil war in the States one day, Jeffree Star and Kanye West dating the next day, the entire world is going to need some Zoloft. But we want to know what you think — did you hear this insane rumor last week? What other crazy things did you hear or see? Hit us up in the comments and let us know! And, as always, from all of us at Trill!: stay safe, wash your hands, and Happy 2021.

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