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Bryan Cranston Calls Out Bob Iger At Striking Actors’ Rally

Emmy-winning “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston rallied a crowd of striking Hollywood actors on Tuesday with comments directed at Walt Disney Co Chief Executive Bob Iger.

Bryan Cranston
Image Source: Bryan Cranston applauds during the 'Isle of Dogs' press conference during the 68th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin at Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 15, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. (Shutterstock @ Denis Makarenko)

Bryan Cranston passionately addressed Disney boss Bob Iger during a SAG-AFTRA rally in New York City, expressing the union’s demands and concerns. He stated that they will not allow their jobs to be taken away and given to robots, and they will not let their right to work and earn a decent living be taken away. Most importantly, they will not let their dignity be compromised.

The rally was attended by several well-known performers, including Ellen star Joely Fisher, Succession actor Arian Moayed, The Good Fight star Christine Baranski, and Avatar actor Stephen Lang. They all voiced their support for the strike and the union’s demands, emphasizing the importance of unity and standing together.

The strike, which is now in its second week, has seen thousands of members halting work. SAG-AFTRA represents actors, broadcast journalists, program hosts, and others in the entertainment industry. The union is pushing for fair compensation from studios, including a share of streaming subscription revenue, and safeguards around the use of artificial intelligence.

The actors are determined to fight for their rights and are committed to making their voices heard in the negotiation process. The strike has garnered significant attention and support from within the industry, and the actors are standing firm in their resolve to achieve a fair contract that values their contributions and ensures their well-being.

As the strike enters its second week, the passion and determination of the SAG-AFTRA members remain unwavering. They are taking a stand against what they perceive as unfair treatment and demanding that their contributions to the entertainment industry be duly recognized and compensated.

The speeches made at the rally highlighted the impact of corporate greed on the lives and livelihoods of the union members. They expressed a shared sense of outrage at the disrespectful and uncaring attitude displayed by the negotiating parties sitting across the table. The union members are resolute in their refusal to accept corporate feudalism and are fighting for a fair and just industry where wealth is shared equitably.

The strike has implications beyond just the actors, as it also affects broadcast journalists, program hosts, and other professionals under SAG-AFTRA’s umbrella. While all work under the film and TV agreement is now off-limits, some members continue to work under other union contracts. Nonetheless, the unity displayed during the strike sends a powerful message to the industry that the members are united in their cause.

With major stars like Bryan Cranston and others lending their voices to the strike, the union’s message is reaching a wider audience. The public support for their cause is growing, and the actors are hopeful that their fight for a fair contract will yield positive results.

As the strike continues, both sides must come to the negotiating table with a willingness to find common ground. The actors and writers deserve to have their concerns addressed and their contributions valued. It is a critical moment for the entertainment industry, and the outcome of these negotiations could have lasting effects on the future of labor rights and fair compensation within the field.

As the strike persists, the hope is that both sides can find a resolution that satisfies the demands of the union members while allowing the industry to move forward in a more equitable and respectful manner. The actors’ strike is a powerful reminder of the strength of unity and the importance of standing up for what is right.

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