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Bruce Willis’ Daughter Talks About Their ‘Special Bond’ As The Actor Battles Dementia

Bruce Willis’s daughter shares an update on her father’s dementia, raising FTD awareness and the enduring bond with her father.

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Bruce Willis’ daughter discusses her close bond with her dad as he fights a rare type of dementia.

Tallulah Willis, age 29, discussed her family’s encounter with Bruce’s rare dementia on The Drew Barrymore Show. Tallulah Willis is the daughter of well-known actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

The actor from Die Hard and The Sixth Sense received a diagnosis of aphasia. Later, this condition developed into frontotemporal dementia (FTD) this year. 

This disease affects how Bruce behaves and understands language, so he had to stop acting when he was 68.

Bruce Willis’ daughter promotes FTD awareness.

Tallulah mentioned that her father is dealing with an uncommon and aggressive form of dementia, which is quite rare.

Drew Barrymore asked Bruce Willis’ daughter and Demi Moore why they were open about her father’s health. She said there were two reasons for it.

We want to share our family identity and raise awareness about FTD,” she said on the show. Rumer Willis and other family members use Instagram to update about Bruce’s health, showing their openness and dedication.

The Willis family wants to share their journey to help others understand frontotemporal dementia and deal with their struggles. Tallulah emphasized the family’s hope that by sharing their experience, they could help others facing similar challenges.

 “We find it meaningful to share our family and personal struggles if it can be a source of support 

for others. Turning our challenges into something positive and beautiful is truly special for us,” she conveyed.

Bruce Willis’ daughter bond emotions.

Tallulah also revealed a unique and touching way she has found solace amid her father’s condition. She compared it to being an archaeologist with her dad’s things. Sorting out Bruce’s possessions has aided in her healing process.

Finding her dad’s small objects reminds us of the importance of preserving memories during difficult times. 

Tallulah also mentioned that she and Bruce have been connecting by enjoying music together.

This close bond with her dad’s world serves as a reminder. It emphasizes the significance of keeping memories alive.

Despite the progression of Bruce’s condition, Bruce Willis’ daughter highlighted the enduring nature of their relationship. She described her father as “still the same,” emphasizing the constant love and connection.

He remains the same. In this context, it’s the ultimate desire anyone could have. I feel affectionate when I’m near him.

Tallulah also conveyed, “He’s my father, and he adores me.” 

Bruce Willis’ health update

Bruce’s friend, Glenn Caron, shared some more insights about Bruce’s current condition in a recent update to Page Six. Caron noted that Bruce recognizes familiar faces within the first one to three minutes of an interaction. 

He emphasized that Bruce needs help with speaking and no longer reads despite being a former avid reader.

Despite these changes, Caron emphasized the enduring essence of Bruce’s personality. “He expressed that when you’re with him, you know he’s Bruce, and you’re grateful for his presence, but the joie de vivre has disappeared.”

The Bruce Willis daughter and family’s openness, resilience, and commitment to raising awareness inspire others dealing with degenerative diseases. 

The updates and glimpses show how connection can bring strength, even in tough times.

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