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Britney Spears Says that Her Haters Can ‘Sprinkle Salt Over Your A**es’

Britney claps back at her haters in new post sayin, ‘Sprinkle salt on your asses.’

Credit: Shutterstock/ Aquilino Prance Filmmaker

Following the public exchange between Britney and her sister, Jamie Lynn, it seems like Britney has gone back to her regular routine of clapping back at her haters and posting workout videos.

In her most recent post, which seems like a combination of a new workout routine and Spears clapping back at the haters who live in her comment section 

Brittany wrote, ‘So I wanted to repost this because damn !!! Y’all comments are so NICE.’

Spears’ post features a remix to her hit song Toxic, along with the singer going through various excercises including yoga, walking the treadmill and of course a few dance breaks.

While having haters is another part of the Britney lifestyle, she definitely took notice and decided to clap back in her own way, Britney style.

Britney also had this to say:

‘As I repost this and get laughed at by most and criticized again for sweating and not looking perfect … I might gain some empathy for myself and say the THE THINGS I SHOULD HAVE SAID.

‘First, F*** YOU and what’s with the BIG LETTER TALK ??? YOU THINK YOU’RE IMPORTANT !!! AGAIN F*** YOU

’And if that’s too offensive, take it with a grain of salt 🧂 and sprinkle it over your a**es because you people are so cruel you might need some cleansing.’

One fan said,’You’re a f***ing icon.’ Another commented, ‘You look amazing and happiness looks beautiful on you.’

Britney fans cannot control themselves as they fill her comment section with praises and heart emojis.

Maybe we should all take a page from the Britney Spears handbook and show our haters that we don’t care what they say about us.

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