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Clips for Conversations: Meet TikTok’s Viral Barber, VicBlends

Dive into the inspiring journey of North Carolina Barber Victor Fontanez, ‘VicBlends’ from TikTok, whose viral videos on social media of giving free haircuts in exchange for conversations help in spreading joy and cosmetic inspiration.

Credit: Still from VicBlends Giving a life changing haircut to a stranger EMOTIONAL!/YouTube

How would you react if a stranger with a camera and some clippers offered a free haircut in exchange for a street interview? North Carolina barber Victor Fontanez (VicBlends) has chartered his brand based on this approach. Since his first post on TikTok in 2019, Victor has shared his cosmetic abilities and grown his popularity and charity as he circulates on social media for his viral videos of giving free haircuts and spreading smiles.

Barber shop conversations are some of the most interesting and welcoming interactions that connect people within a community. Victor takes this to another level, as his barber shop is not a shop. Instead, his shop consists of the streets where he creates new friendships.

Victor’s videos consist of him having a makeshift barber shop set up on the streets where he asks strangers if he can bless them with haircuts. He convinces possible clients to sit with him by offering good conversations and asking various questions. As seen in his viral video, he asks his clients about their aspirations in life, dreams, and positive messages. Sometimes, Victor even offers life advice.

VicBlends Backstory

At the start of his career, Victor began giving haircuts in his mom’s garage at 17 years old at the end of high school. Although he had dreams of going to college, he decided to take an alternative route and went to study and obtain his barber license. From here, Victor found a life passion with a commitment to empower others. One of his main goals is to share the mindset and knowledge he held throughout his journey as a barber.

This pivot in his career propelled him forward to charter relationships not only with the public in numerous states, but with celebrities too. Some of his well-known clients include rappers such as Lil Baby, NLE Choppa, 21 Savage, and NBA player Trae Young. 

Other than his TikTok success, Victor also became the lead in energy drink brand Rockstar’s Latinx Equity campaign. This campaign aired during the NBA finals, which brought in some more attention to Victor and his cause.

VicBlends – The Sensational Internet Barber

TikTok Barber - YouTube: Deep Cut Podcast
Still from Deep Cut Podcast NLE Choppa Cuts His Hair, Talks Mental Health, And New Music on DeepCut Ep. 1/YouTube

From a young age, Victor has wanted to be a tangible example that anyone can shoot for the stars and accomplish their dreams. He hoped to reach this message to young people around the world. While making waves in the barber industry, he began his career with the notion that he would be the first to grow his success positively.

Other than social media posts of Victor giving free haircuts to strangers on the street, he also often posts enthusiastic videos. In these videos, he continues to provide motivation for his followers.

Victor also has a small apparel business that sells clothing called Planted. According to the brand, Planted is a community of people rooted in their movement about perseverance. The brand sells shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and a few accessories, including hats and keychains.

VicBlends’ Successful TikTok Content

TikTok is the social media platform to boost any cause, business, or news that one may want to spread. For Victor, the platform became an easy way for him to share not only his videos, but also his cause. This reached the hearts of many users as Victor’s platform grew in popularity.

Victor starts his interviews predominantly the same way by asking, “What is your name, and what do you do/hope to be.” His clients vary in age from as young as 8 years to adults in their 40-60’s. He works to make all his videos consist of the same thing, as he describes how, “I have taken on some responsibility to share the knowledge I’ve been given at a young age on social media to try and give back”.

His selfless acts and motivational conversations have brought him great attention from millions. So much so that he has been invited to interviews with Nick Cannon and NBC News. Victor has also set up his own barber academy, where he offers extensive barber lessons and training. In addition, Victor also set up the first barber schools in California prison history for inmates to obtain their barber license while incarcerated. Victor’s social media platforms have elevated him to be an influencer and trailblazer for many in the cosmetic field. 

VicBlends – The Sensational TikTok Barber

TikTok Barber - Youtube: VicBlends
Still from VicBlends Free Haircut in London/YouTube

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As a young entrepreneur, Victor tends to direct his interview questions in an uplifting and relatable manner so that all his viewers may gain something. In many cases, the build-up to getting an interview takes hard work and persistence. Some of the strangers he approaches reject his offer or his conversations. In an interview with a gentleman in Atlanta, he mentions, “I come out here every day, and I get a thousand no’s… but there’s gonna be someone out here that was waiting for this. I think this timing is divine”.

As a result of his hard work, he takes every interaction as a blessing and a lesson. Whether it be a college student, CEO, veteran, or police officer, Victor works to showcase the best in his clients and highlight their positive messages. In one of his TikTok videos from 2021, Vic mentions how “…if you got a reason for why you’re grinding and you know what you’re doing, ain’t nothing gonna be able to stop you”. 

As he continues to inspire the people he meets, his work reminds others how to take their gifts or talents and use them to spread joy and positivity. 

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