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Someone Has Created Figurines of Every Single One of Louis Theroux’s “Weird Weekends”

You’ll never guess what this person has a complete collection of.

These days, it seems like you could probably find someone who was a collector of any random or niche thing, whether it be all the albums of singers and groups from some small musical genre like K-Pop or original first press copies of all of Charles Dickens novels.

If you grew up in the ’90s, you are probably familiar with Louis Theroux’s “Weird Weekends.” In the show, which aired for two years from 1998-2000, the now renowned documentary maker, would provide viewers the chance to get brief looks into the lives and worlds of individuals and groups that they normally would not have the opportunity to come into contact with or share experiences with.

It turns out, that there is someone who has handmade action figures that draw inspiration from “Weird Weekends,” and now possesses a collection that contains a figurine from every single “Weird Weekends” episode that ever aired during it’s two year stint.

Twitter user Mr. Binky took to the app on February 2, to tweet:

Mr. Binky also provided a closer look at the details on his individual figurines which can be seen below.

Image courtesy of Mr. Binky on Twitter

Although the “Weird Weekends,” enthusiast received a lot of love for his creations, he has no plans of mass producing the figures. Instead, if you wish to have one, you can go to the listing he has for a couple of them up on Ebay. And if you wish to commission custom figurines of your own, you can reach Mr. Binky on his Twitter or Instagram.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Mr. Binky on Twitter

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